Free Agents

Siavash Borhan Dayani

Ishmam Chowdhury

Steve Thijssen

John Catton

Sashimi grade

Nathan Grishkewich

Water Treatment Process Design

Meetika Kher

Heckle Fernandes

Sheryl Chau

Tara Johnson

Jackie Blair

Keith Daigle

Hadi El-Shayeb

Camilo Muñoz

Rachael Marian Chan

Hi, I am in Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I have a passion for the environment, especially when it co...

sabrina bedjera

I'm currently a master's student in civil and environmental engineering and am part of the collaborative water program with the...

Gabriel Astudillo

Pouya Mehrannia

Linda Li

Environmental Engineer

Auguste Koh

adel zeggaf tahiri

Natalie LeRoy

John Webster

Mechatronics Engineering

Passionate about the environment and water conservation. Will use engineering skills to save.

Simran Chathanat

Benjamin Zammit

Felix Cheng

Dillion Verma

Benjamin Meinen

Harsh Gupta

Tien Nguyen Khac

Kyle Vander Linden

Brett Crowley

Wastewater engineering project student

Scott Beslow

Kevin Mercer


Transforming urban stormwater climate adaptation and resilience with distributed, real-time Stormwater Smartgrid Utility Technol...

Valmi Patel

Priyank Patel

Jessica Abrahamse

I just completing my Masters in Environmental Studies at York University and my MRP was on "Impacts of Agricultural Runoff in So...

Alison Bertrand


PhD Candidate in Chemical Engineering

Emily Hicks

Sara Finley

water specialist

Vincent Blécourt

Fioklou Koudossou

Kasey Fu

Hello! I am in Biotechnology and Economics and hold interest and enthusiasm in coming up with a solution using my scientific pro...

Houcine Dammak

Samiha Tahseen

PhD Candidate

Revathy Vattukkalathil

Jared Cunningham

Aditya Sharma

Deep Dhanak

Vivek Aditya Nemani

Vinay Guthal

Aliza Hasham

Nicholash Bedi

David Lynch

Aida Arman Moghadam

Karim Amin

Electrical and Comupter Engineering

Anna-Lisa Castle

Divyam Beniwal

Nicholash Bedi

Yuki Hamada

Hemal Patel

Ali Karparvarfard

Matthew Teichman

Jamie Haldenby

Nishil Mohammed

Water/Wastewater Research Engineer

Jennifer Wills

Stephanie Mills

Bill O'Rielly

Louisette Lanteigne

Mathieu Morin

Stefan Schaffer