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Spreading #LakeErieLove

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Home to beautiful sand beaches, a burgeoning local food movement, First Nations and Metis communities, remarkable boating and fishing, amazing migrations of thousands of monarch butterflies and over 300 bird species – and yes, one of the world’s largest annual motorcycle rallies – Lake Erie and its watershed represent an under-explored and often under-appreciated gem in the Great Lakes. The more people know about and appreciate all that the region has to offer, the more attention and resources that will go into protecting the Lake and supporting tourism, recreation, and local economic development.

Ideas for solutions
• Identify ways to highlight the region’s beauty and richness.
• Provide the community with tours based on a range of local attractions and events.
• Allow users to create individualized route planning for cycling, motorcycle, paddling, etc.

Key person that can support you with this challenge:
Lindsay Telfer
Project Director
Canadian Freshwater Alliance, a project on the Tides Canada shared platform.